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  • Luxury TOCCA Spa Set
    DKT From $12.81(C)

    Perfect set for those occasions when your client asks for brand name products. The contemporary black mesh zipper case with one-color imprint holds an array of luxurious Tocca amenity products including 1 oz Grapefruit Body W...

  • Economy Amenity Kit
    ER01 From $7.60(C)

    A clear imprinted vinyl TSA compliant case holds essential amenities for travelers or patients during their hospital stay.  The kit includes a 1.5 oz Archive shampoo, 1.9 oz Archive lotion, toothbrush, Freshmint toothpas...

  • Deluxe First Aid Kit
    MD40 From $16.09(C)

    Creative miniature doctor's bag holds an array of first aid products. First aid essentials include adhesive tape, tweezers, 2 antimicrobial wipes, 2 insect sting wipes, Advil 2 pack, pain reliever pack, 2 antibiotic cream...

  • On the Go Kit
    OG10 From $7.71(C)

    Great to keep in your car glove compartment or bag, this retro tin contains items you might need when you are on the go... 2 bandages, 2 antiseptic wipes, SPF15 lip balm, SPF30 lotion packet, mini travel toothbrush, mini toot...

  • Comfort Kit
    PC55 From $5.71(C)

    Clear vinyl case holds a useful array of items to provide comfort during an overnightl stay. Comfort items include:
    1oz. Sanitizing Hand Gel
    1oz. Relaxation Lotion
    Black Sleep Shade
    Moisturizing Li...

  • Personal Emergency Essentials
    PE64 From $4.83(C)

    Slim black hinged tin holds an assortment of personal "emergency" items including sani gel packet, bandage, sewing kit, lip balm packet, skin lotion packet, antacid, pain reliever, lens cleaning wipe, floss, breath ...

  • Top Sellers

    Sweet Dreams Kit
    SD05 From $4.33(C)

    White pillow pack gift box with custom hang tag holds a delightful assortment of products to enhance a good night's sleep. The gift set includes a lavender room/pillow spray, a satin sleep shade (choose black or white), e...

  • Essential Amenities Kit
    TK35 From $8.50(C)

    Clear vinyl zip lock closure style case comes with 1.5 oz Archive shampoo, 1.5 oz Archive lotion, 1.5 oz Archive mouthwash, mini stick deodorant, Crest toothpaste, travel toothbrush, pocket comb, razor, shaving cream packet a...

  • Traveler’s Amenity Tote
    TK54 From $10.81(C)

    Black nylon mesh zipper case holds satin sleep shade, 2 oz. moisturizing body lotion, 2 oz. energizing body wash or shampoo (specify on po) 2 oz. cool mint foot lotion, 1 oz. hand sanitizer, lemon ginger tea, moisturizing lip...

  • Economy Sleep Set
    TR22 From $3.37(C)

    Imprinted reusable vinyl ziploc case contains essentials for a great night's sleep. Set includes a sleep shade and 3M Classic earplugs. Great for travel and healthcare.

  • Urban Emergency Kit
    UEK From $7.67(C)

    Handy travel tin holds an array of "emergency" products including bandage, floss, sewing kit, mint, lenswipe, sanitizing hand gel pack, hand wipes, stain remover packet, antacid and aspirin. Compact size fits in a d...

  • Wine Tasting Kit
    WK52 From $6.25(C)

    You won't want to venture out for wine tasting without this small case of wine tasting essentials- Wine Away Red Stain Remover, SPF 30 sunscreen packet, Advil and Lifesaver breath mint.